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What is Lash Lift and Tint?
Lash lift is a semi permanent lash curl and color enhancement which lasts eight to twelve weeks!

BEFORE (2-3 days prior)

  • Discontinue use of oil based products such as makeup remover, serums, lotions or makeup and water proof mascara

  • Refrain from curling your lashes

  • Arrive with clean dry eye lashes and clean under eye area without moisturizer or makeup.

  • Can remove contacts

This procedure is done while laying down comfortably, eyes remain closed the entire time

Steps include: delicately placing lashes, application of lifting solution, setting lotion and finally black eyelash tint, lashes are then thoroughly rinsed and removed from mold, enjoy!

Total Duration is about one hour 

AFTER (ATLEAST 2-3 days following)

  • Keep lashes clean and dry

  • Do your best to sleep on your back without an sort of eye mask 

  • Avoid the use of oil based products such as make up remover 

  • Bat those beautiful eyelashes!