Ear Candling

Ear Canal Detoxification

What is Ear Candling?
A natural, safe, effective and relaxing way to clean excess wax, toxins and bacteria from the ear canal using a hollow cylinder shaped cloth covered in wax.

Remove earrings

You will lie comfortably on one side. A protective towel will be placed over skin and hair around the ear area. The candle is gently placed into the opening of the ear canal and lit on the opposite end. Smoke and heat will create an unfelt suction that loosens and draws excess wax up into the tip of the ear candle. You will enjoy a light lymph drainage massage using essential oils which also open and encourage detoxification. Once candle burns to completion repeat on the other side.

People often express feeling relaxed, cleansed, lighter, and sharper hearing. The sinuses are often positively affected as well.
I recommend having this service done 2-4 times per year as maintenance.

*this service does not diagnose or treat any medical conditions 
*i do not recommend this service to anyone who has chronic vertigo or chronic overproduction of ear wax