A Bit About Bri

As an esthetician working in the field for over 13 years it has been fun to keep up with ever evolving cosmetic products and practices!  Since starting my career, I have put my hands in several areas of this diverse industry to find that brow sculpting is my strength and my passion!  My practice has shown me that enhancing someone’s appearance or experience, especially by transforming eyebrows, truly has a positive impact on the way they look and feel about themselves.  Evoking such joy and self- confidence in others has been the greatest honor and strongest motivator behind my work.  Therefore, I am excited to announce that I will be expanding my menu to include Microblading and lash lifting services. It is of the utmost importance for me to provide my clients and friends with educated, skilled, professional, sanitary, personalized and enjoyable products and services.

In preparing myself to perform microblading on clients, it was important to me to find the most comprehensive and cutting edge program that offered ongoing support and education. I received a 100 hour microblading certification after completing an all-inclusive online and extensive FIVE day in person course presented by the highly qualified permanent makeup artists and teachers of 3D Brows Academy.  I am confident that the specific 3D techniques I acquired combined with my unique creativity and brow experience will truly set me apart and allow me to deliver beautifully microbladed brows!  I value being able to continue to deliver the most up to date, effective and exceptional services to my clients which is why I make continued education a priority.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve you!